3" Dual Bank Tanker Truck Manifolds

Unique's Mechanical & Air Operated Manifolds are designed to be used on tanker trucks hauling a variety of products that unload multiple compartments by a pump system. The dual bank manifolds are designed for a tank with two pumps off systems. It can be specified to accommodate a bottom loading, gravity -unloading and product return.

UNIQUE Manifolds:
- All steel body construction, (stainless steel and aluminum available - consult factory)
- Available in 3" and 4" Size
- Available in Single Bank or Dual Bank
- Anodized Aluminum Caps and Stem
- Available with spring-loaded splitter valve
- Available in Swing-Check or Fixed Disc
- Available in Mechanical or Air Operated

UNIQUE Stainless Steel Manifolds:
- Available in 3" and 4" sizes
- Anodized aluminum cap and stem
- All stainless steel body construction
- 3" & 4" manifolds