Electric Reels

As an industry leader for over 30 years, Unique Welding & Fabricating is a premier custom manufacturer of electric reels for diverse industry sectors. Frequently found in fuel delivery, aviation, military, and utilities applications, our electric reels are designed to accommodate each client’s exact specifications. We take great pride in our ability to adhere to the highest industry standards, no matter the type of electric reel you require.

When it comes to reels, we understand the dangers associated with hose & cable laying on a floor. With live electric cable reels, our reels ensure safe and efficient power supply for corresponding tools and machines. In addition, these reels can accommodate different fluid path sizes, with explosion-proof motors in different voltages. Available in varying pressure rates and capacities, each custom-made reel is designed to withstand years of heavy-duty work. To learn more about our electric reel selection and specifications, please contact us.