Hose Reels Hard at Work

R-33 inverted style hose reel

R33 Series Hose Reels is a utilitarian reel designed specifically for rugged, heavy duty applications. These reels are designed to be mounted vertically in fuel trucks.

Fire Fighting Application Fire Fighting Application

Fire Fighting Application (above – right picture)
This compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) has been mounted in the back of a Dodge Sprinter. Compressed air is used in a variety of applications for both fire fighting and fire protection. The foam generated can be dry (like shaving cream) for painting surfaces for fire protection or wet (like sticky soap suds) for fighting fire. The benefit of foam is that it sticks to vertical and overhead surfaces and stays exactly where you put it. The foam also reduces the surface tension of water and increases penetration into porous surfaces.

Military ApplicationMilitary Application
Today, this unique two-reel POD system is being used in Afghanistan by the Canadian Government. One hose reel provides fuel/oil delivery for refuelling the trucks while the other delivers potable water.
Utilities ApplicationUtilities Application
This live, air operated cable reel serves as a safe, reliable option for distribution of a power source. The choice of Hydro One, this unit comes complete with the slip ring installed.
R5 SeriesThis specialty 1 ½ " ID hose from the R5 Series proves a safe choice for fuel delivery.


Put Our Valves to Work for You

Valves Tanker Truck Used For Asphalt Refuelling
This 6" 'hot head' aluminum product valve is a rugged, hot or cold viscous material valve. This is generally used for hot asphalt and is designed for installation on the rear head of a tanker.


When Only the Best Will Do, We're Here for You

Manifolds3" x 4 compartment single bank mechanical manifold complete with 3" splitter valve assembly.